10 Steps to a Client Friendly WordPress CMS

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10 Steps to a Client Friendly WordPress CMS

May 15th, 2009 | Wordpress Tutorial Comments Off

What is not to love about WordPress? It is extremely extendable, an open source project, has a selection of thousands of plugins, in addition to the support community being simply massive. WordPress has proved itself as a great blogging platform and content management system.

For us developers and techies the out of the box capabilities is more than we ever need to manage, edit, and add content in any shape or form. However many of us don’t simply build website for ourselves, and we have to think about our clients as well.

While WordPress has a user friendly interface it is still blogging focused, and there are some usability enhancements that could be desired when those who are not technically savvy (which fits the bill for most clients) will be the primary users.

In this situation there are a few steps to improving the interface to make it easier for our clients.

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