20 Blog Topics To Get You Unstuck

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20 Blog Topics To Get You Unstuck

April 10th, 2009 | Wordpress Tutorial Comments Off

Chris Brogan has a mindset for framing posts that is useful to blogger. He wrote ’20 Blog Topics To Get You Unstuck’. You might not like all 20 ideas. The goal might be to look at what he has written for ideas and come up with your own list. In fact, it might even spur you to write 20 blog topics for your industry or community. The followings are the 5 out of 20 questions you might answer.

  1. What challenges are my potential customers facing. Do I have any advice for them?
  2. What have I read lately? What points were interesting? Can I add more to it?
  3. What bugs me? Can I write about another way to approach it?
  4. Who do I admire? Can I write something about them that explains how to emulate those traits?
  5. What has the potential of helping (hurting) me or my community in the coming months? Are there possible ways out of it?
  6. ……
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